welcome to 5G

5G is the next generation in wireless data technology. It offers an unprecedented increase in internet speed and capacity. This giant leap forward makes it possible for digital devices to do amazing new things we never dreamed possible.

rain 5G for home

rain 5G for home offers unlimited ultra-fast internet. You will get speeds of up to 700 Mbps. Download an HD movie before your microwave popcorn even has a chance to pop.

Your state-of-the-art 5G home router will connect all your family's devices with the latest WiFi, allowing everyone to stream as much as they like without worrying about data usage.

And all this for only R1000 per month.

where can I find 5G?

For now, rain 5G will only be available in certain areas in Johannesburg and Tshwane.

During 2019 and 2020 coverage will expand to Cape Town, Durban and other major metros.

how do I get rain 5G?

You can order your rain 5G SIM and 5G home router from www.rain.co.za

Interested? Leave your details below and we will get back to you once 5G is available in your area.


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