Welcome to your unlimited data network.

We’re making data more affordable so that South Africans can do more of what they like, no worries. rain’s 4G network offers unlimited data on the go. And our new 5G network is here to provide next-level speeds and unlimited data for the home (now in Gauteng).

What will you do with your data today?

unlimited off-peak

19 hours unlimited off-peak data

R50 a gig during peak hours

A rain SIM card, which is part of a rain data deal that provides 19 hours of unlimited / uncapped off-peak mobile data usage with your compatible cell phone, WiFi device and more.

pay as you use

R50 a gig

A rain SIM card, which can be used with any compatible 4G / LTE cell phones and tablets and other devices.

unlimited 5G for home

  • Unlimited data
  • Next-level speeds
  • 24-month contract

Huawei 5G CPE X

  • Indoor or outdoor setup
  • Weatherproof
  • Plug and play with easy installation
  • Designed and optimised exclusively for the rain network
  • Free to use for the duration of a 24-month contract

R1000 a month (incl.VAT)


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